Thursday, 30 December 2010

Milli Villainous

My toothless ted comic was up on The Supervillain over the weekend!

Most fond of the website and thoroughly delighted to have my markings held within it's digital embrace.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Was delighted to be interviewed at Thought Bubble by the super cool chaps of Geek Syndicate.

The video is now up on their site - Featuring my Origami paper packs.
Watch it here.

Thanks fellers.
And thanks too to all the lovely people who purchased so many of these packs over Christmas-tide!
Santa smash and paper pals prevail.

(Note: It sure is torturous to see yourself from the outside - I do hope this doesn't chill you to the core too)

Monday, 6 December 2010

3 French Hens

I made some Christmas prints for Thought Bubble.

Edition of 6 digi prints, 5' x 7'' 280 gsm off-white card.

This wordplay is getting into the realm of indecipherable.
Word heavy petting.

Got a couple of the cluckers left, £2.50 to a good home.

Sweet Lovin' Recolour

Sat on my posterior fighting for posterity.

For the latest issue of Paper Science I recoloured my How Fucking Romantic strip and widened it's svelte size.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Thought Bubble 2010

What a weekend it was - a whirlwind of fantastic folks and cool comics.
Below is a visual offering of what tip top treats transpired.

My table was, as per last year, shared with the delightful Octavia Raitt, who this year had a troupe of felted plushes that melted my... brushes?
They were completely excellent anyhow.

I also had the honour of speaking on the panel during the Self Publishing Masterclass seminar.
Along with Adam Cadwell, Tom Humberstone, Lizz Lunney and Phillippa Rice. With Matt Sheret being our esteemed host.

The stall was bustling through the day, but we managed to circulate and I snapped up a whole bunch of really awesome paper prizes.
(Top > Bottom CW: Luke Pearson, John Cei Douglas, Gary Bainbridge, Comix Reader #1, Ellen Lindner, James Downing, Andrew Waugh, Jack Fallows)
"Undertow" by Miss. Lindner was a delight to read.

Some more joy was sought from getting first looks at bonafide printed Solipsistic Pop 3 and Paper Science 3, which both featured my comics.

Thank you to those who stopped by to talk and take away.
My innards were glowing from all your kindnesses.

But, innards must go onwards.